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War of Legions is new a free-to-play real-time Battle RPG for iOS and Android published by Japanese-based software publisher Ateam. The game itself features many traits similar to TCG's, and is rising in popularity for it's real-time Guild Battle system.


Here you'll find a congregated list of all the pages to the Wiki. This list will be updated accordingly.


Here you can view detailed information concerning the different warriors featured in War of Legions.



Here you can view detailed information concerning the different monsters featured in War of Legions.


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This is how to look up the stats to fill in the wiki.

 Basic Contribution
 Super Contribution


Want to know what the red dots under the monsters and warriors mean?


A description of the Enhancement process and the most efficient way to do it.

Skilling Up Warrior CardsEdit

A description of the best and most efficient way to "skill up" a card, for each level.  

Invite Program RewardsEdit

Daily invites give daily rewards

Current Event TipsEdit

In-game events can be tricky. Come and give your best tips and get mine.

Quest ModeEdit

Seriously, it shouldn't be this hard to rock a minigame.

Guild Battle StrategyEdit

A recommended beginning strategy for a 10 member team.

Guild IdolEdit

Basics of what an Idol does.  

[You can pray to your Guild's Idol three times each day! Recover BP efficiently for an edge in Duel Battles

and Guild Battles!]

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This page is in preparation for the upcoming trade function. If they fix it.

Forum:Trade Market

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